We proudly support this 100%, non-profit Arizona childrens charity!

The Care Fund is Arizona’s first foundation to help families with ill children pay their home mortgage or rent.

This charity for Arizona kids allows parents to spend time with their children when they are ill.  Medical bills and lost time at work are going to happen when children get very sick – and that’s where the Care Fund steps in to help families in need to help pay their mortgage or their rent when parents need help the most.

We are so excited to be a part of this non-profit Arizona childrens charity… one of the best charities in Phoenix… not only to give financially, but also spend our time promoting the Care Fund to the Arizona public so they can nominate families in need of financial assistance during tough times.

For more information about the Care Fund Arizona childrens charity, either to participate in financially or to nominate a family to receive it’s benefits – please call The Jason Dawson Team at 480.442.9809.

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