We are a team of professional real estate agents who are experts in marketing and selling houses for the highest price possible, in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of hassle.  One of the first steps in our job is to help you get your house ready to sell.

We may take the job to list your house… but here are 10 reasons why we will not sell your house.

1. We will NOT sell your house if you have to dodge and weave in and out of random stuff or move boxes around to see your living room.  Tempe Bird House

2. We will NOT sell your  house if we can’t see the color of the walls for all the “stuff” hanging on it.

3. We will NOT sell your house if the weeds in your yard are so high you could hide a small child in your yard.

4. We will NOT sell your house if your yard (especially the front) is cluttered with toys, dog poop, car parts, massive bird statutes (this house is for real in AZ!) and other memorabilia you have collected to rust.

5. We will NOT sell your house if you don’t make arrangements for your 2 dogs and 3 cats while your home is to be shown.

Messy-House  6. We will NOT sell your house if your pool is black and we may find the Loch Ness Monster in it.

7. We will NOT sell your house if you need an oxygen mask during a showing.  Prior to and after you list your house you must get your home treated for cigarette smoke and then smoke outside, if you must.

8. We will NOT sell your house if you stay home during showings, drinking beer and watching WWF with all your friends. (Nothing against drinking beer and  WWF.  It tends to distract the buyers.)

9. We will NOT sell your house if you can’t find the kitchen sink and counter for the dirty dishes and pizza boxes.

10. We will NOT sell your house if the drain in the bathroom has hair growing out of it.

We provide the professional marketing to get buyers in the door to sell the house. It is up to you to take care of the above to help the house get sold… and quickly!

The moral of the story… we MAY list your house…. but we probably will not be able to SELL your house if it represents the conditions above!

If your willing to take care of the issues stated here, you will be amazed in how fast your house will sell for the highest possible price… and we’ll be proud to represent the sale of your house!

Call Jason Dawson today at 480.442.9809 for a FREE home valuation to know what your house would sell for in today’s market.


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