For homeowners who may feel stuck in their current underwater mortgage it is important to know that you always have options. Given the current housing market in Arizona your Scottsdale realtor may be able to help you sell your distressed property without missing a payment and hurting your credit. If you have been making your monthly payments and have no equity in your home contact your Scottsdale realtor to learn about the current housing market and how you can take advantage.

The housing market in Arizona continues to slowly improve as home prices inch upward every month. For some homeowners this may mean that an equity sale is possible and even a small profit when selling your home. For many homeowners who find their property more than fifty percent underwater the housing options may be limited. If you find yourself in this postiion and our still current on your mortgage payments a Scottsdale realtor can help you complete a short sale if you need to sell now. Some homeowners may decide that waiting out the market and selling for a profit is best and if they are able to continue making monthly payments it could work out in the long run. Given the historically low home prices available currently some homeowners are taking advantage and finding their new home before prices rise too much further. While yo may be comfortable with your current real estate situation it is always important to keep your long term real estate goals in mind. Given the historically low home prices and reasonable lending rates now may be the best time to find your dream home.

The first step in making this decision is contacting your experienced Scottsdale realtor to discuss your options and plan your real estate future. The Jason Dawson Team has been helping homeowners in the area for years and look forward to helping you make this important decision. Contact Jason today or visit the team website to learn more about how they can help you.

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