For homeowners who are tired of making those monthly mortgage payments with no return of equity we have good news for you. As short sales continue to help homeowners across Southern Arizona lenders have started to approve these sales for homeowners that are still current on their mortgage payments. Contact your Gilbert Realtor today to learn about this unique opportunity.

In the past banks were often difficult to work with when it came to getting a short sale approved. Over time area banks have come to understand that a short sale is best for both parties and therefore loosened their short sale requirements. Homeowners with a valid hardship in the area can now complete a short sale without missing a mortage payment and causing damage to their credit. A short sale makes sense for your bank because it relieves them from responsibilty if the home enters foreclosure and also helps remove more toxic loans from their balance sheet. When a home enters in to foreclosure the bank becomes repsonsible for the upkeep and the monthly bills. Allowing a short sale removes this possibilty while also cutting the banks potential loses on your property. Best of all for the homeowner they can start looking to buy homes again right away. While many homeowners that complete a short sale experience severe credit damage this is caused by missing mortgage payments and not the actual short sale process. This means your Gilbert Realtor can help you search for your next home while putting the finishing touches on your current short sale. When considering this option make sure your Gilbert Realtor has experience handling short sales in the area.

The short sale process is unique and requires a realtor with experience to ensure the best terms of negotiations with your lender. Consider the Jason Dawson Team when selecting your Gilbert Realtor to receive one of a kind service and experience handling any kind of home sale in the area. Jason and his team and help answer all of your questions to ensure you are making the best real estate decision available.

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