clip_image002If you are trying to sell your home it really pays off to make the effort to impress your buyers.

There have been studies that show it takes buyers only seven seconds to decide whether or not they are going to buy a home once they set foot in a house. That it is why it so crucial to make a good impression and also why “staging” a home for sale is such an important task.

Here are some quick and easy ways to make your home show like a model home for under $200. These are easy-to-do tips and the type of thing an interior decorator would advise you to do to help “stage” a property so it is more attractive to buyers. The goal of this top ten list: is to give you hints on how to make your home show better than your competitor’s home on the real estate market!

1. Clear All Clutter. You can get rid of all of the junk in your home for free. Simply get rid of anything you don’t need and haul it away in your car to the nearest dump or Goodwill. This means getting rid of “stuff” in the front yard, back yard, hallway and basement. One thing in particular you need to get rid of is ashtrays. People consider houses that have been smoked in to be less desirable and also smelly.

2. Get Rid of Evidence of Pets If you have a dog or cat send them away for the day. Hide the litter box and any evidence of its aroma. Make sure there is no dog feces in the front or back yard. These types of things, along with their smells can convince a buyer that there are allergens, mites and pet urine in the house.

3. Get Rid of Evidence of Kids Get rid of baby strollers on the porch, toys, baby gates, kiddy pools in the yard, and crayon marks or hand prints on walls. Having the inside and outside of your home tidy shows well.

4. Clean Up the Front Yard and Porches The front yard and porch are very important as that is what your buyer will first see when they approach the home. Cut the grass and make the yard esthetically pleasing.

5. Get Rid of Sunken Paving Stones The path to your front door and the driveway are also very important. Sunken paving stones or missing rocks make your home look ratty and cheap. It is quite easy to buy new stones, level them and redo these pathways.

6. Paint Rooms That Need It If you have a wall that looks scratched up, beaten or damaged you are well advised to paint it. This can go a long way. You should also make an attempt to plaster any holes or crumbled parts of walls in your home as well. If paint is out of the question then you certainly could make a better impression by covering up flawed walls with wall paper.

7. Replace Some Fixtures If your chandelier or light fixtures look dated, then go to some trouble to replace them. You can also make a home look more contemporary and like it is worth more money simply by making a few cosmetic changes like changing the light switch plates or electrical plates to designer versions.

8. Change the Faucets and Spouts Sometimes you can make a kitchen or bathroom look really glamorous simply by changing out your old faucets and spouts for glamorous new ones.

9. Provide Flowers and Greenery If you have cleared all the clutter, then you should have a home that looks more simple and kind of Zen in nature. One way to augment this air of designer sophistication is to put flowers or vases of tall grasses in every room.

clip_image00410. Provide Some Aromatherapy It’s been proven that if an item for sale makes some kind of impression on the nose then people are also more likely to buy it.

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