Timing really is everything when it comes to selling your house. Getting your asking price, and even attracting multiple buyers, can simply be a factor of the time of year when the home is sold.

Spring and Summer

Spring brings the Barrett Jackson car auction, the Waste Management open – the largest sporting event in the country, this year it brings the Big Game, it brings spring training baseball —and possibly extra green in the final sales price of your home.  With all these events here in the Valley, we get a lot of winter visitors who come to thaw out and enjoy the sunshine… and some of them decide they’d like to live here!  Plus, local families like to move during the summer when there’s a break in the school calendar so they don’t have to pull their children from class, and so they are well-settled before the new school year.

Our peak selling season here in the Phoenix metro area is January through July.  Phoenix Peak Selling Season

Fall and Winter

Maybe your employer notified you of a job relocation in the fall and you missed the peak selling season for your home. Don’t despair. If you are selling your home in the fall – there are always buyers looking for a home.  You can stage your house with the warmth of the turning season to add to the appeal. Accentuating your curb appeal with seasonal decorations, such as pumpkins and gourds, will appeal to the potential home buyers.

The winter season isn’t a favorite for home buyers to view homes, but neutral holiday ornaments add charm and help homes sell during the winter season. Owners who put their home on the market during the winter may be more eager to move, and so might close faster. Prices may also dip compared to the busy spring and summer markets, since there’s less demand. And you might find it easier to schedule time with experts, such as home inspectors; or have a faster turnaround on services, such as lawyer reviews, during the slower time of year.

Location, Location, Location

Selling a home quickly may not only be contingent on a season. The geography of your home may be a contributing factor to when the home should be sold. Good homes in great locations are always in high demand no matter what time of year you’re selling your house.

For all of those reasons, evaluate your location and weather before planning to present a new home to the real estate market.

Have a Plan

Sometimes personal situations prevent selling a home during the prime season. We can help you sell a home in any season.

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