Staging a home isn’t always about spending a lot of money to have some fancy furniture and designer items scattered throughout your home… the act of creating that powerful first impression can be done with a minimal investment while increasing the perceived value of your home significantly.  Kitchen and Island

Staging for sale —  when putting your house on the market, it’s important to consider the buyer. What does the average buyer need to see in order to fall in love with your home?  The most important thing for buyers is cleanliness and clutter free.  This is free.  Having the home freshly cleaned, looking spotless and everything put away is the best thing you can do for staging a home for sale.  Also, avoid leaving personal items—such as toothbrushes on the bathroom counter—in plain sight. Keep it clean and simple, and focus on highlighting the best features your home has to offer.

First impressions — you only have one chance to make a first impression on visitors. Potential buyers may only be in your home for three or four minutes, so you want those first moments to be positive. Don’t forget simple yet significant improvements to your home’s exterior like mowing the lawn and trimming dead branches (especially near windows and doors). Place some pots with colorful flowers on the porch. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Your home will now give visitors a warm welcome, whether they’re over for a personal visit or as a potential buyer.

Less is more — When putting your home on the market, you want it to look lived in, but you don’t want home buyers focusing on your collection of ceramic cows instead of noticing the custom cabinets you had installed. Most professionals also advise putting personal pictures away. This helps home buyers imagine your home as their home, rather than getting distracted by your photos. Remember to clean out closets so they appear more spacious, and don’t forget to organize or clear out medicine cabinets, as potential buyers are likely to open those too.  You’re going to be moving anyways, might as well start packing a few boxes now.

A Room with a Use — On the flip side, it’s pivotal to let home buyers see rooms as they were originally intended.  Perform an inexpensive and quick makeover for these rooms by hanging sheer curtains and removing sunscreens to let in daylight and replacing aging light fixtures and switches.

Freshen up — Channel your inner cleaning lady and decorator. Steam-clean the carpets, touch up the paint and add emotional warmth with throw pillows, dramatic plants and candles. For that “Architectural Digest” look, clear off the counters in the kitchen and bathroom. An inexpensive way to add color is with a vase of vibrant flowers, neatly folded towels or a bowl of fruit.

The kitchen is the home! — An inviting kitchen can set the scene to help buyers visualize living in your house.  Usually, the kitchen is the place where buyers and their Realtor® congregate after showing the home to discuss the homes features.  Additionally, the state of this room gives buyers a glimpse into the care of the rest of the home.  Kitchen

Because the kitchen is the most important room in the house, here are a few things you can do to present your kitchen in top form to potential buyers:

  • Do a thorough cleaning – baseboards, ceiling fans, walls, windows, cabinets and floors
  • Polish fixtures, hardware & knobs – if these items are dated or worn, consider replacing
  • Paint the walls – A fresh coat of paint in muted or neutral color can revitalize the room
  • Clean & clutter free – Store cleaning products & small appliances, put away clean dishes
  • Set the tone – Make the space “homey” with a few cookbooks, polished or houseplants
  • Maximize what you have – highlight the kitchen’s features & minimizing its limitations.
  • Remove personal effects – to help buyers imagine cooking, dining, & entertaining in the space.
  • Brighten the Kitchen – Remove and replace dim light bulbs (don’t go crazy with the 100 watt bulbs) and heavy curtains

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