Once the home is under contract, the next step is home inspections, the Buyers will arrange those and then choose to ask for some repairs, take the home as-is or have the option of cancelling if thehome-inspectiony’d like to.

The typical inspections are the home inspection, termite inspection, HVAC inspection and the pool inspection to check over the major components of the home.  The Purchase and Sale Agreement states that the Seller must have the heating, cooling, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems *including the swimming pool and/or spa, motors, filter systems, cleaning systems and heaters, if any), free-standing range/oven and built-in appliances in good working order at the time of sale.

After inspections is the appraisal – the Buyers lender will want to make sure that the price the Buyer is willing to pay is in line with the value of the home.

And then right before closing, the Buyer will do a final walk-through to make sure the home is in the same or better condition as when they signed the Purchase and Sale agreement with you.

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