Qualifying Buyers, Reviewing Contract Offers and Negotiation  At the time you receive an offer it is important to know that the potential Buyer for your home is qualified to purchase.  Then, you must review all of the elements in the Purchase and Sale Agreement to verify you have a good understanding of the contract and the offered terms.  The Purchase and Sale Agreement is a legal and binding contract.  Once you understand the terms then you must negotiate the contract to get the best price and terms for you.

Upon agreement and acceptance of the Purchase and Sale agreement, the time frames laid out in the contract must be met and all conditions must be satisfied.  All the other parties and activities involved in the transaction such as Building Inspectors, Appraisers, Title Company, Lender, Underwriter and Closing Agent must be coordinated to allow a timely closing on your property.

At the Dawson Real Estate Group, we have dedicated specialist to assist you through the myriad of details to complete a successful escrow on your property.  Feel free to contact us at 480.758.3062 to find out the full extent of services we provide.

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