This is the most critical step in the process.  Not pricing your home correctly may result in you leaving money on the table or not selling your home at all.  Setting The Right Price for my home for sale

The key is to understand that what I or any other Realtor says your home is worth has no bearing on the true value of the property.  It is the Buyer who is willing to pay you for your home that determines the true value of the property.

Pricing the home too low will speed up the market time, but will result in you not receiving the full value for your property.

Pricing the property too high will result in potential Buyers for your home not even taking the tine to look at it.  Pricing above the market is like fishing with your bait out of the water.  Many people believe that you need to price your home above market value to allow for room to negotiate.  There are two challenges with this strategy.

  • Buyers who qualify for your home don’t look outside their price range.
  • Those Buyers that do see your home are now comparing it to other homes they see that are worth more and consequently they don’t make an offer.

Pricing the property correctly will generate the most activity with the best sales price in a reasonable period of time.

As the owner of the property, you get to determine the asking price of your home.  We specialize in helping you make the best decisions to achieve your goals in the sale of your real estate.

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