In Step #1 we discussed the need for understanding what is going on in the overall market and your specific price range.  The next step is about narrowing the  focus to properties similar to yours to help determine the current asking price in order to generate an offer to buy.  Assessing OR Appraising The Value Of Your Property

When doing a Competitive Market Analysis on your property you must look at properties similar to your’s including:

  • Homes currently on the market.  (Actives)
  • Homes currently under contract.  (Pendings)
  • Homes recently sold.  (Solds)
  • Homes hat did not sell.  (Expireds)

When Buyers are searching for property they are actively involved in  comparison  shopping, not only will they look at your home, but all those available at the time.

We would be happy to complete a Comparative Market Analysis specific to your property.  We provide a detailed analysis of your home with an accurate pricing recommendation.

Please feel free to contact us at 480-7586-3062 to arrange for your free complimentary evaluation.

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