Even the best houses on the market still face the issue of getting the buyers attention to show them that it’s better… and that comes down to price & the presentation of the home… aka photos & videos – because that’s how buyers search for homes.

Today, about 98% of buyers are using the internet to start searching homes for sale.  And the 100% of agents working with buyers use the MLS to also search for homes & to notify their clients of the best homes.

Let’s consider how a typical online home search is conducted and you’ll immediately see why it’s important to price your home correctly & make sure it’s presentable.

The average home buyer enters in just a few home search criteria… usually price first… then number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage and then amenities such as a pool, golf course, lakefront or other community’s features.

And from those items… our local MLS & other home search websites will display hundreds of homes that meet the buyer’s needs.

From that list, the buyer and their agent quickly scroll through all the available homes to find a few homes that they want to visit in person.

Search results will typically filter homes in by price… and most buyers & agents have their searches set up to look at homes in ranges of $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 ranges depending on their budget and how their search tool is set up.  But the fact that these brackets exist and drive what homes buyers and agents see… it is critical to price homes right from the beginning when you list your home.

When you price a house out of its optimal price bracket… a buyer sees homes in the next price bracket which may be larger and have more features or amenities than your house.

So effectively, what you’re doing is ensuring that people who are searching in the higher price bracket … will find your home among hundreds of other homes that may be newer, bigger and perhaps have more amenities… making your house look less desirable in that price range and your home could be eliminated without ever being seen by the right buyer.

And keep in the mind that the right buyer, and agents representing those buyers, who are searching for a home just like yours and all that your house as to offer… may not even see your home in their search results and are eliminating choices immediately without ever setting foot in a home … which, along with pricing it properly, is why the PRESENTATION of the home is also so important!  This means that all the visual repairs need to be done prior to shooting professional photos & videos, the home needs to be clean, clutter free and the curb appeal needs to look great.  Buyers & agents will both make their decision on which homes to see most often by the photos of the house – so using a professional photographer to capture a beautifully prepared home is key!

To compete and win, your house has to offer the most features & amenities for the best possible price and present itself really well through professional photos & videography… compared to competing sellers houses.

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