If you’re thinking about making repairs to your home before selling, talk to your agent about which repairs and improvements are necessary, and which might not be.

If you’ve made significant improvements to your home to make it into your lifestyle, you probably already know that you may not going to get full value for these improvements at resale depending on what they are.

Buyers love pretty homes and recent improvements can help your house make a Buyer’s short list of homes to see. But to first catch the Buyer’s attention, and then to be the one the Buyer ultimately chooses to write an offer on… pricing still matters the most.

So be sure to speak to your agent about what features matter, before making any repairs or upgrades to your house.

I’m Jason Dawson, your Local Listing Pro & Realtor – if you need help deciding which repairs or upgrades to make to your home before you put it on the market, give us a call at 480.758.3070 or contact us online at LocalListingPro.com!

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