Selling your home is a major life event, and in today’s market, is a multifaceted effort with a lot of moving parts. That is why we take a professional approach to make it easy for our clients to count on us to manage the entire process for them.

That is why we’ve assembled a real estate team of specialists in their respective niches. This allows myself and our agents more time to focus on marketing & selling your home… giving you an unfair advantage over your competition in the market place by making sure your home is being consistently and constantly marketed.

More than ever it’s important to work with a local professional…. one that is well versed in the local real estate market trends… I’d like to share the 9 Steps To Selling Your House – the process of getting your home ready for sale & going through the sale from beginning to end.

When we meet with a seller to discuss getting their home for sale, there are 2 main things we discuss… price and what type of marketing are we going to do to get that price.

1.  First step is starting understanding the current marketing conditions – which means, when is it the best time to sell your home, are their active buyers looking for a home like yours & how many other homes are for sale that we’re going to be competing with which leads us to
2.  Step 2… assessing the current market value for your house!
3.  From there, we get into step 3… as we work through the area sales data, we work down into recent & relevant sales in the area which will help establish the right asking price for your home – which may be at, above or below the current market value for your house depending on what is happening in the market.
4.  Step 4 is helping you calculate your bottom line – so you know exactly what you’re going to put in your pocket at the end of the sale.
5.  My favorite step, is Step 5, which is helping prepare your house for sale! Most houses can be made more inviting with careful attention to detail, from lighting to landscaping, furniture staging and a deep cleaning. We will help you boost the saleability of your home by suggesting a range of alternatives – from low-cost options as simple as just making sure the home is clean to possible remodel plans to greatly improve your chances of selling the home & selling it for more money.
6.  Step 6 is a specialty of ours & one of the things we are known for as it gets homes sold quickly & for top dollar – properly marketing your home for sale. Our Professional Home Selling System is a comprehensive & strategic marketing plan that has shown proven results for hundreds of successful Sellers over the past few years. Our approach is to do whatever it takes to create 360-degree awareness for your home, through targeted online & social media marketing, professional photography, custom HD videos, blogging, professional print marketing and grassroots advertising.
7.  Once your home is up for sale & the marketing is flowing… step 7 comes into play. We’ll receive requests to show your home – we will prequalify buyers & help arrange those showings. Once an offer has been received, we’ll also review contract offers & use our professional expertise to negotiate the highest price possible with the best terms on your behalf.
8.  Step 8. Once we’re under contract, we’ll be with you 100% of the way to help navigate through the sale – negotiating inspections & repairs, assisting with the appraisal & arranging for the final walkthroughs.
9.  Last but not least is Step 9 – Signing & closing on your house! About 3-4 days prior to actually closing, we’ll make an appointment with the title company to go sign all the closing documents for the sale. Then the day of closing, we’ll work with the title company to help transfer ownership from you to the new buyer!

We hope that you have found this information to be valuable & insightful if you’re considering selling your house. If you have any more questions or would like more details on selling your house – please call us at 480.758.3070 or you can visit us online at!

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