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Our Professional Home Selling System Gets Results!

While no two home sales are the same, at Local Listing Pros we believe there is a right way to efficiently sell a home for the maximum possible profit. By integrating real estate insight derived from years of experience and hundreds of home sales, marketing savvy, careful pricing analysis, and procedural efficiencies, our team has developed a Professional Home Selling System that takes the guesswork out of selling your home.

How can we help you get the best price in the shortest amount of time?

Here’s How We Can Help

Step 1. Understanding Current Market Conditions

Home sales occur at a specific moment and place in time. Because such a moment is unique, understanding the “situation on the ground” is an absolute must to achieve the best possible result when you sell your home.

Many factors contribute to current market conditions, including: the number of homes actively for sale in the vicinity; the homes for sale in your price range; the number of homes under contract currently or with a sale pending; the number and price of homes recently sold nearby; and recently expired listings for nearby homes that did not sell, along with the reasons for that failure.

More than simply gathering this “supply and demand” information, our team will help you analyze and interpret current market conditions to create a reasonable expectation for success moving forward. You can count on us to be accurate and honest when it comes to explaining “the art of the possible” when it comes to your house and circumstance.

Step 2. Assessing the Current Market Value for your House

Every home sale involves an insightful “compare and contrast” exercise, one that narrows down the focus of the sale process to properties extremely similar to your home. Done well, this assessment maximizes your asking price and the speed of the transaction.

When doing a Competitive Market Analysis on your property, we consider:

  • Homes currently on the market. (Actives)
  • Homes currently under contract. (Pendings)
  • Homes recently sold. (Solds)
  • Homes that did not sell. (Expireds)
Step 3. Setting the Right Asking Price

Determining the best possible asking price for a house represents the most critical step in the home-buying process. Putting a number to the value of a house is equal parts science and art, a combination of rigorous data analysis and creativity in the sales process. Pricing your home incorrectly can create a bad outcome – leaving money on the table – or absolute failure, leaving your home unsold.

The key element in setting your asking price is to understand the realities of the marketplace. Even the most experienced Realtor’s assessment of a home’s value means nothing unless there is a Buyer willing to pay that amount to buy the home. Our job is to set the right price, then to find a Buyer with the resources to pay that price.

Step 4. Calculating your Bottom Line

There will be a difference between the sale price of your home and the net proceeds from the sales transaction. There are many expenses involved in the sale of real estate, including the payment of commissions, title insurance, HOA fees and title fees.

With our Professional Home Selling System, sellers have no surprises. You will know in advance all of your costs involved in your home sale. This transparency will help you assess your profit on the transaction. Knowing that, you can make an educated decision on the value of selling your home. Is it what you want? Does it make sense to sell right now? We never rush a client into the sales process. And we value clarity at all points in every transaction.

Step 5. Preparing your House for Sale

Homes rarely sell themselves. They require help from their owners and Realtors. Our team will help you view your house through the eyes of a potential buyer, as one property competing with hundreds of other properties for the attention of a willing buyer.

Most houses can be made more inviting with careful attention to detail, from lighting to landscaping, furniture staging to a deep cleaning. We will help you boost the saleability of your home by suggesting a range of alternatives – from low-cost options to possible remodel plans. Always, we’ll help you improve your bottom line, creating the possibility that the time and dollars you invest will be returned exponentially.

Step 6. Advertising & Marketing your House

The key to successfully selling a home begins with having would-be Buyers know that your home is for sale. We need to get out the word using every medium at our disposal, from digital databases to the MLS listings to social media.

Local Listing Pros’ comprehensive strategic marketing system has shown proven results for hundreds of successful Sellers over the past few years. Our approach is to do whatever it takes to create 360-degree awareness for your home, by leveraging the Internet, custom video, social media feeds and blogging, print and grassroots advertising.

Step 7. Qualifying Buyers & Reviewing Contract Offers

Receiving an offer to purchase your home is great news – provided the potential Buyer has the qualifications necessary to consummate the sale. We will help ensure that’s the case. And we will help you review the many elements in the Purchase and Sale Agreement to verify you have a good understanding of the contract and the offered terms.

Once you feel comfortable that you fully understand this legally binding contract, then we can help you negotiate the contract to get the best possible sales price and terms.

Step 8. Home Inspection, Appraisal, Repair & Walk-through

Once a home is under contract to be sold, the next step is the home inspection. The Buyer will arrange this inspection. Afterward, Buyers have the option of buying the home “as is,” requesting repairs or choosing to cancel the transaction.

The next step in the process is a final appraisal of the home. This occurs so that the Buyer’s Lender can ensure that the agreed-upon sales price is in line with the appraised value of the home.

Finally, immediately prior to closing, the Buyer will complete a last walk-through of the property, to make sure the home is in the same or better condition as when they signed the Purchase and Sale agreement.

Step 9. Signing & Closing on your House

A few days before the scheduled close of escrow, you’ll sign the sale documents with the title company, work on moving out and take the last steps to becoming a proud home seller!

Whether you need to purchase a home in the Phoenix area or anywhere else across the country, our team can provide or help arrange the full complement of real estate services you require to get settled into a new space. We offer everything from computerized searches to relocation packages to vendor referrals so that finding a new property is as easy as selling the home you left behind.

The Dawson Real Estate Group: Local Listing Pros, Why You Should Use Us to Sell Your Home

Why You Should Use Us to Sell Your Home?

We view the opportunity to help you sell your home as a privilege. That means our work for you doesn’t stop until your home is sold and you’re satisfied with the outcome. While our Professional Home Selling System works, it isn’t magic. Our system is made successful because of the diligent team members who make it go.

We also believe that words are nice, but results are more indicative of true success. Our team’s ranking in the Top 1% of Realtors in the State of Arizona has come about because we know what it takes to get homes sold for our clients – and we can do the same for you and your family.

We will work hard to earn your trust and confidence and work even harder to keep them. We will do everything in our power to get you the results you need … and to get your home SOLD.

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