Are you considering buying or selling a home in 2015?  Is 2015 a good year to buy or sell a home?  2015-housing-expectations-2015-01-07

Home price gains are slowing, credit is thawing and more first-time buyers may be hitting the real estate market in 2015.

Better balance in the housing sector is “in” next year, as far as trends go. That’s likely to put buyers and sellers on a more even footing.

Some prospective sellers sound especially bullish on housing. In a recent Trulia survey, the biggest chunk of consumers – 36% – said they expect this year to be much or a little better than 2014 for selling a home.

To be sure, like politics, all real estate is local – even here around the Valley. Some sellers have stayed on the sidelines in recent years, investing in improvements amid a dearth of buyers. For others, low inventory and rising home prices meant a bidding-war bonanza.

If you’re considering selling a home – this year a is a great year to sell a home… mortgage interest rates are going up, home sales are up but balanced, appreciation has slowed and is still balanced… there are quite a few buyers out shopping for the right home in the right area and willing to jump on it if they find it.

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