For those who are in the market for a new vacation home look no further than Southern Arizona. Currently there are numerous Scottsdale luxury homes on the market waiting to be bought up by current residence or those looking for a place to relax throughout the year. If you are in the market for Scottsdale lucury homes make sure your agent has experience with homes in this range.

As home prices in the area continue to recover and lending rates remaing historically low opportunities to find Scottdale luxury homes at a discount remains a possibility. The current housing market in Southern Arizona is full of opportunities like this which is why it is important to have an experiened agent ready to help. Over the last five to ten years the market for vacation property across the country has been dismal. As homeowners across the country saw a drop in property value many found themselves effectively stuck in a particular property. Another troubling affect on the market crash was the lack of equity available to homeowners. For those who have or want to purchase vacation property borrowing against currenty equity was one of many ways to secure a down payment. As ths equity disspeared so to did the number of Scottsdale luxury home buyers. Now that home prices have started to bounced back, very rapidly in some parts of the country, more buyers have entered in the market to take advantage. Given the affordable lending rates and recovering home prices this may be a great time to take advantage. Many people dream of owning Scottsdale luxury homes some day and this is a great opportunity.

Contact the Jason Dawson Team today if you are considering a new home in Southern Arizona. While homes slowly enter the market an experienced agent like Jason can help you make sense of it all and discover your options. Whether you are in the area or a snow bird looking for your dream home the Jason Dawson Team can help you. Your Scottsdale luxury home no longer has to be a dream thanks to the Jason Dawson Team.

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