For homeowners in the area who want to sell their home but are not sure where to start the Jason Dawson Team has your covered. Thanks to a free tool called the Home Value Analyzer you can find out the current value of your Chandler luxury home to determine if now is the time to sell. This free tool is available on Jason’s website takes only minutes to use and can help you make the best decision given your current real estate scenario.

In Southern Arizona we continue to see home prices rebound over the record lows of the last five to ten years. This increase in home prices, coupled with generous lending rates at your local bank, has made it possible for some Chandler luury home owners to sell their home for a profit. For many of these homeowners there was no equity to be found in their home over the last few years. By utilizing the Free Home Value Analyzer homeowners can enter in some basic information and learn about their Chandler luxury homes current and potential value. Simply enter some basic information about your mortgage to get started. Once your mortgage balance and interest rate is entered you will receive a detailed report in your e-mail inbox full of information about your home. This detailed report will include your current home value along with the potential value given different recovery scenarios. In many cases it may be best to sit down with your realtor to discuss your report even further. Chandler luxury homes continue to sell as soon as they hit the market and you may be able to sell now after receiving your report.

Jason and his team want homeowners to be informed when making their real estate decisions and this is one of the many ways to see that it happens. Staying up to date on the market is also a great way to take advantage of these changes. If you are ready to sell your Chandler luxury home contact Jason and his team today to get started.

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