If you’re a Canadian or Foreign National and looking to purchase a home in the U.S. you might have noticed that there are very few financing options when it comes to real estate. However, there are still lenders out there willing to work with you.

When looking to secure financing, Canadian Foreign Nationals do not have to possess a U.S. Visa, Green Card, or U.S. tax identification number, but they are required to hold a valid passport. With standard documentation, you can still purchase a second home or investment property in the U.S.

For non-Canadian borrowers requesting owner-occupied financing, the loan terms are restricted under NIOIO terms. However, if a Foreign National borrower is recruited by a well-known and established U.S. employer, they may qualify for an exception. In the case of an exception, financing exists under normal loan-to-value standards.

Some additional items to consider…

  • All programs have a 3 year prepayment penalty
  • Canadian Owner occupied & 2nd Homes require a 75% loan-to-value ratio or less
  • Canadian Investors require 65% loan-to-value ratio or less
  • Foreign Nationals Owner occupied, 2nd home, or investment property requires a 50% loan-to-value ratio or less


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