nieghborhoodWhen searching for the right home for you, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of neighborhood a home is in. It goes without saying that not all buyers are looking for the same type of neighborhood; a single person generally has different wants and needs than a family does and a young family may have different requirements than an older couple. So, how can you determine exactly what type of neighborhood is best for you and your family? There are several different ways to do so and we’ve like to provide you with some suggestions as well as things to think about before beginning your home search.

First and foremost, if you have school-aged children you’ll want to take not only the quality of schools into consideration but also the amount of time it takes to get to school. Are you comfortable with your child riding the bus, do you want them to be able to walk or will you be driving them yourself? This factor can be one of the most influential when it comes to making a decision on purchasing a home. Something else to consider is how far away your job is from your new home. If you don’t mind a commute, this may not be an issue but many people don’t want to start and end their days sitting in the car for a large amount of time. You may also want to think about the location of your potential home in relation to leisure activities, shopping, grocery stores, churches or any other place you may frequent. Traffic around your home, access to major highways and interstates as well as whether or not the neighborhood as an HOA are also other things to find out about your new neighborhood.

If you’ve found a home you think is right for you and want to learn more about the neighborhood there are several different things you can do to get more information. First, you may want to talk to potential neighbors as well as others that live in the neighborhood to get feedback from them. Many potential buyers also drive through the neighborhood several different times before purchasing the home just to ensure. Realtors recommend doing this at a different time or day each time you do so, that way you can get a real feel for the neighborhood. One last thing to make note of is what the other houses in the area look like. Are they well-maintained or in shambles? Sure, the home you are purchasing may be nice but if your neighbors aren’t taking care of their homes, what does that potentially tell you about the neighborhood?

We want to ensure that you purchase a home that you are comfortable in for as long as you see yourself living there. Buying a home in a neighborhood that you enjoy and are happy with can be just as important as how much you like the home itself.

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