1. Payment History: 35% 

How Credit Score Is Determined

Paying Debt On Time Has a POSITIVE Impact!
Late Payments, Judgments & Charge-Offs Have A
Delinquencies from the Last 2 Years Carry More

2. Outstanding Credit Balances: 30%

This Factor Marks The Ratio Between The Outstanding Balance & The Available Credit.
Generally, When Planning To Enter A Loan Transaction Within 3-6 Months, You Should Be Below 30% Of The Available Credit Limit.

3. Credit History: 15%

This Marks The Length Of Time Since A Particular Credit Line Was Established.
A Seasoned Borrower Is Stronger In This Area.

4. Type of Credit: 10%

A Mix Of Auto Loans, Credit Cards, And Mortgages Is More Positive Than A Concentration Of Debt From Credit Cards Alone.

5. Number of Inquiries: 10%

This Quantifies The Number Of Inquiries That Have Been Made On A Consumers Credit History Within A 6-12 Month Period.  Each Individual Inquiry Up To 10 Can Hurt Your Credit Score As Much As 5 To 30 Points.  Any Additional Inquiries Thereafter Will Not Affect Your Credit Score.

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