Buying a home is a big decision… and it’s not uncommon for Buyers to get a fear, or even buyers remorse, once they’ve put in an offer or got a home under contract.  It’s A BIG DEAL!!!  We get it!

I’ve been buying homes to fix and flip for 11 years and I still get these feelings every time we get an offer accepted… did I pay too much?  Am I going to be able to turn a profit?

And then when Tanya and I bought homes – we have the same thing.  Yes, it’s exciting – but there is a fear of buying a home and a little bit of buyers remorse that can creep in.  It’s normal!

Here’s some advice we gave a first time home buyer yesterday when they had fear of buying a home and maybe a little bit of buyers remorse.  Fear of buying a home

Email from a buyer that we’ve just written an offer for and are waiting for a response on.

“Hi Tanya & Jason,

I’m sorry for being a pain but I want to make sure I am making the right decision in buying this home.  I think I’m also going to drive back up to the home to take another look at it.  I’m just not the person to make quick decisions.  It’s really hard for me.  I usually like to think about big decisions for a little bit.  This has been a whirlwind and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  Maybe that’s natural.  I’m not sure.

Thanks for your understanding.

Sincerely, Concerned Buyer”

Our Response:

“Dear Concerned Buyer,

Freaking out is normal!

On almost all homes that we sell we get this question of – am I making the right decision??!!  So, good news for you, you’re normal and not alone in your feelings!

When you’re buying a home for long-term use… to a certain degree, what you pay for it is irrelevant… you want to make sure that you get a great deal as far as pricing and market conditions go for today… but home values can and will change – either up or down – and there’s really nothing that any of us can do about it.  So when you’re buying a home, you have to make 3 decisions:

  • Is this the area I want to be in?
  • Are these 4 walls and a roof going to fit my lifestyle and work for me?
  • Am I going to be able to afford the payments for the home?

There are a lot of homes to choose from right now… and because of us doing the buyer consultation and sitting down to understand your needs better than just running out and looking at a lot of homes to find the right one – we were able to find you one right away.

Buying a home can definitely be nerve racking and we understand – we certainly won’t pressure you into this home and we want to you to be excited and confident you’re making the right decision.

Let us know how you feel today after going back up and visiting the area!”

Concerned Buyer’s Response:

“Tanya & Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly earlier. I think I’m done freaking out for now. I just revisited the home and I have confirmed my initial feelings and thoughts. I think I’m going to love it. Let’s move forward.

Thanks again!!”

Have you ever had a here of fear of buying a home or a little bit of buyers remorse?  Leave a comment below on how you felt and how you overcame it.

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