Do you need some tips to sell your house quick in Chandler AZ ?

All around the country home sales and prices are dropping due to huge inventories of foreclosures and short sales. So how do you make your home stand out in a traditional home sale in Chandler? Here are 4 tips for a quick sale to help you sell your house and compete against Chandler foreclosures and Chandler short sales. 

Tip #1 – Price it right

This is probably one of the toughest conversations a real estate agent will have with their sellers, but also one that is vital to a successful sale.  Because there are low prices everywhere, buyers want to feel like they are really getting a good deal.  We’re currently in the middle of a beauty contest and a price war – the pretties homes at the best prices sell the fastest. If a buyer can’t find it with you they’ll go somewhere else just that fast. Sometimes sellers are tempted to try and list their homes above the fair market value just to see if they can test it out and get a taker.  

The home gets the most attention as a new listing and the first 30 days a home is on the market. If a seller is unrealistic and starts with a listing price that is too high… they can sometimes end up netting less cash in their pocket than what they could have gotten if they had priced it right to begin with.

Tip #2 – Be Tough in Negotiations

Just because you start out at a lower price doesn’t mean you have to accept a lowball price from there. When the buyer is willing to negotiate that is a big opportunity! Sellers may need to consider their goal and try to set aside any feeling of insult or anger at the buyer who puts in a lower offer.  Begin to counteroffer.   

Tips for a quick sale

Tip #3 – Staging

When selling a mid-range home, staging has become something that has become popular and is usually extremly helpful. Professional stagers help highlight key areas of the home so buyers can picture their new life in your home.  They will often rearrange furniture or bring new furniture in, repaint, and get the home to look like it’s from a catalog. Real estate brokers agree that if it’s done right staging can usually speed up a sale and sometimes increase the final sales price.


Try to get as many buyers as possible to view the home. Be creative, brainstorm with your Chandler Arizona Realtor ® on marketing to make sure the home gets a lot of attention. Internet marketing is the key to lots of traffic!!  The more people that see it the better!

There are other tips to sell your house quick in Chandler AZ…  we’d like to help you if you’re looking for more ideas to help you sell your Chandler home quickly.  Contact us to sell your Chandler home fast or call Jason Dawson your Chandler Arizona Realtor ® at 480.442.9809.

We can share more tips to sell your house quick in Chandler AZ, call us now.

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