As we approach the holiday season, typically the housing market slows down… leaving most potential sellers wondering if they should be selling a home during the holidays. 

The holiday buyers, although they come in smaller quantities, this group tends to be of a more serious buying group. Some buyers may want to buy before the end of the year for tax reasons and others could be looking for a very nice holiday present for themselves, and they too are looking for to close before the end of the year.  During the holidays,  buyers tend to be more flexible and loose with their spending.

Here are some tips can help those houses that are up for sale.

    – Make sure that every showing of your home has the best impression.  Do this by keeping your house clean and free of clutter for every showing. This includes holiday décor. Even though you may have very nice decorations, not all may have the same taste and see it more as a clutter and can be turned off.
     – Make sure all your light fixures are working and turn on all the lights when showing the home (night or day).  It makes your home much more welcoming.
     – Neat and tidy closets appear larger and kep buyers from wondering if they might be to small for their stuff.
     – Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes – each one needs to be inspected closely. Repair caulking, fix leaks and make sure everything sparkles and smells clean!
     – Keep your carpet vacuumed, the floors washed and remove any clutter from the floors and stairways.

Another reason people are buying before the end of the year is that the interest rates are at a historical low and buyers are eager to lock in at an incredible interest rate.  If you are considering selling a home during the holidays, especially this year with so many people buying homes in Arizona… it could be a very good decision.

Selling a home as a short sale during the holidays season does not necessarily mean you have to move during the holidays, you can negotiate in staying in your home until after the New Year. 

If you have any questions about selling a home during the holidays, please contact Jason Dawson, Realtor® at 480.442.9809 or contact about selling your home online right now.

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