On August 31st, 2013, Jason Dawson was invited to join Todd Bookspan on his Real Talk Arizona real estate radio show on 960am to talk about luxury fix and flips.

Listen to the show now! Click here: Jason Dawson on Real Estate Radio Network

Luxury Fix & Flips with Jason Dawson  We spoke about the trends in the local Phoenix area market but specifically about luxury fix and flips in the Scottsdale luxury real estate market.

There are some great opportunities to make some handsome profits in the higher price points.  The average asking price right now in Phoenix is just over $230,000… we’re seeing some great opportunities for investors who have the ability to purchase in the $500,000 plus markets.

The best area to focus on right now is north Scottsdale.  The Paradise Valley and Arcadia areas are also great areas, but the deals there are fewer and farther between.  Most people don’t think of distressed properties when they think of north Scottsdale… but there are a lot of homes that were built in 90’s that have not been updated at all – and those present great opportunities for investors looking for a relatively easy remodel.

A lot of those homes just need a major overhaul in the cosmetics and not too many structural upgrades.  So an investor can come into a property, work with one of our award winning designers to get the latest trends and what’s hot for consumers… turn it over to the contractors and let them put together a beautiful masterpiece that we can put back on the market to sell quickly and make a nice profit for the investors.

One of the things that most retails buyers are looking for right now… and there’s not very many on the market… is the southern California style spanish homes… the red clay tile roofs with smooth white stucco with great landscaping on the outside… and then the soft contemporary insides – nice soft colors.  Most buyers are over the dark cabinets and light countertops.  A good tip is to keep an eye on the Pottery Barn – they’re always current on styles that retail buyers are looking for!

If you’re interested in fix and flips in the luxury market, buying a home in north Scottsdale, or more information about the Phoenix area real estate market – contact Jason Dawson today at 480.442.9809 or contact us online!

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