Hi everyone!  Jason & Tanya Dawson here with our fur-babies Skyler & Cooper… Giving back to our community is who we are personally & what we do as a local business in our community. We have been very involved in various charities around our community… and now our real estate team is doing something that we would like to share with you!

A little back story, our niece’s French bulldog went missing in April 2017 and we were amazed with how much the community helped us try to re-unite our niece back with her dog… whom we are still actively looking for him.

We learned that there are hundreds of foster homes here in our community that are taking in homeless and unwanted pets while helping them look for a new forever home.

These people have opened up their homes, spent their own money in food, vet bills and taken time to care for these animals.

Sooooo… we started a little weekly effort to help give back to these rescue facilities & foster homes by showcasing pets that are in need of their forever homes.

We call it Foster Friday!!!

Please like our Local Listing Pro & Realtors Facebook page & follow us as we post a new pet every Friday that is looking for their forever home.

If you adopt one of the featured Foster Friday pets, let us know and we will donate your first bag of food and a new toy for your new furry family member!

We are Jason & Tanya Dawson – your Local Listing Pros & Realtors… we don’t just help people find homes, we help pets find homes too!

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