In an effort to lure more buyers to it’s Chandler Fannie Mae foreclosures – Fannie offers Fannie Mae closing cost assistance help for REO’s.

By offering to cover 3.5 percent in closing cost help for homeowners who will close by June 30th on its HomePath properties and Gilbert Fannie Mae foreclosures, Fannie Mae hopes to spark some extra sales.

Fannie’s HomePath program provides low down payment financing on REO property sales and has no requirements for mortgage insurance or appraisals.

To view a list of Arizona  HomePath homes  for sale click here.

They rolled out the Fannie Mae closing cost assistance during the fourth quarter last year. They were able to recoup 55 percent of unpaid principal balance on defaulted mortgages through the sales.

To find out more about Fannie Mae closing cost assistance or other ways to help with closing cost, contact us online or call Jason Dawson at 480.442.9809.

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