Nikki Jackson

Director of Operations & Realtor ®

Nikki Jackson was just 19 years old when she bought her first home. Although she was excited to be a homeowner at such an early age, she didn’t particularly enjoy the home buying experience. “I felt like I was never fully educated on the entire process and what I was doing. I remember being told that I had to ‘do this and do that’ to get a loan, but I was never educated in the lending and buying,” Nikki recalls.

This experience inspired Nikki to leave her job and enter the real estate field.

“I had a great job, but I didn’t believe in what I was selling, so I got my license in 1998, and I decided I would educate people who were buying a home on everything in the process from A to Z.”

Nikki, who recently was named Director of Sales for Local Listing Pro, says she is thoroughly enjoying her career in real estate. “I love growing and learning and being a sponge, and also training and working with the agents. I’m really passionate about the industry.” In her role with Local Listing Pro, Nikki will help grow the firm’s group of real estate agents as well as lead the sales team and help boost its productivity.

“I will find the right people who have the visions and values and beliefs to be part of Local Listing Pro, and then I will get to support them, coach them and work arm-in-arm with them,” she says.

Nikki, who is a Nationally Certified Real Estate Coach and was also a Top 25 agent at Keller Williams, says the best part of working in real estate is helping people during such a definitive moment of their life.

“Home truly is where the heart is, and we can support people through the process,” she says.

When Nikki is not hard at work at Local Listing Pro, she says she enjoys karaoke, watching football, boxing and hockey – all the rough sports – as well as spending time with her family, including her 16-year-old daughter Morgan who is her “pride and joy.”

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